Life of David – Lesson 24 – 2 Samuel 22-24, Psalm 18, and 1 Chronicles 28: 1-10

Hello Ladies,

This morning, April 30th, Irma Henderson wrapped up our study on the life of David.   Here is her teaching.


Click on the links for Irma’s Handouts:




Pictures of the quilts mentioned in the lesson:

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Life of David – Lesson 21 – 2 Samuel 14-15 and Psalm 43

Hello Ladies,

On Tuesday Andrea Hockenbrocht  continued our teaching on the life of David with the story of David & Absalom and God’s glorious grace.  Sadly, I have 32 minutes of blank recording.  The tech guy at HPBC is looking into the problem to see if the recording can be recovered but it is not on the media I normally use.

Andrea had one handout which can be found below and she also referenced the hymn, Amazing Grace, which I’ve also included below.

190409 – Gods Glorious Grace

190409 – AmazingGrace Hymn

If the recording can be recovered, I’ll add it to this post.

Until then, have a good evening.



Life of David – Lesson 19 – 2 Samuel 12 and Psalm 51

Hello Ladies,

Yesterday Inell Slater continued our teaching on the life of David with the story of David and his repentance from his sin.  Here is her lesson:


Here is Inell’s handout from a book called Prone to Wander by Barbara Duguid.*

180319 – Stubborn Blindness handout 1


Have a blessed day,


*Prone to Wander: Prayers of Confession and Celebration, by Barbara R. Duguid et al., P & R Publishing, 2014, pp. 40–41.