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Revelation 7

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As a reminder, we did not have class on February 16th so there are no materials for that date.

John’s lesson from February 23, 2016 follows and was titled “144,000 Witnesses.”

The notes for Revelation 7 can be found here:

Revelation 7 – Lesson 6

I am sorry to say but there is no audio recording for this lesson.  I accidentally put a used CD into the recording machine and it was not able to record anything.  My deepest apologies and I hope the notes will still be extremely beneficial to you.

Since we are caught up with all past lessons, I will post John’s teaching each Tuesday afternoon beginning with next week, March 1, 2016.

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Deeper Roots Available in iTunes

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Revelation 1

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It was Betty’s desire to teach “every book in the book” and she was successful in teaching Genesis through 2 Corinthians before stepping down from weekly Bible teaching last fall.   It was at that time that HPBC church leadership, at the request of the Deeper Roots leadership team, approached John King, Betty’s son, to teach the book of Revelation and, in a sense, close out Betty’s weekly teaching ministry.  We are honored and privileged that he agreed to teach this amazing book.

His lesson from January 12, 2016 follows and was titled “The Glory of Christ.”

The notes for Revelation 1 can be found here:

Revelation 1 – Lesson 1

You can listen to John’s teaching here:

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